Christina Hendricks

Excuse me -- is this luminous enough for you?


Wait wait wait wait.


On an airplane I was reading about ‘Mad Men’ — a show I haven’t watched yet — and trying to figure out why the redhead looked so familiar.



Then I saw another still on the front of the LA Times online, and it dawned. OMG it dawned.




You go, Christina Hendricks. You go. Right. On.


Draws. Sweats. Eats too much sugar-free candy.

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4 Responses

  1. Tory says:


  2. Your Anomalous Fan says:

    What? You don’t know who I am? Oooohhh! I thought you did.

    Hmm… the temptation to torment Tory through teasing about my true title is terribly tantalizing.

  3. Your Anomalous Fan says:

    I don’t recommend many shows these days, but RUN NOW and Netflix / Tivo / buy / beg / borrow / shoplift or torrent seasons 1 and 2 of Mad Men. Even if you HATE the show (which would just amaze me) you at least have to look at it for the production design. Re-danged-diculous. And if you don’t have a gigantic crush on Don Draper by the end of the first episode *despite* the raging gender issues, I’ll go buy a hat and eat it.

    • Tory says:

      How about this — I promise to do it if you give up your anomalymity. I have some guesses as to your identity but all I know for sure is “went to NCSA” and “still lives in NC.” This may or may not be making me insane.

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