Poltergeist and Bert — the morning after

Hi, all,

Wow. Just wow. Together, in just two days, we shot a ten-minute movie with a ten-year-old, special effects, and a scene in magic hour.

Here’s a quick refresher of what we had working against us this weekend:

– Tiny, convoluted location
– Competing for resources with a school production and a PAYING production
– Pre-production restricted by, you know, academics, day jobs, and the dozen movies we made at school this fall!

And a reminder of what we accomplished:

– Preserving a peaceful, friendly atmosphere
– On Sunday, going from forty minutes behind to on time — AFTER ADDING FOUR SHOTS!!!
– At least ten setups that combined a child actor AND a special effect
– Damn beautiful shots
– Killer wild lines
– Getting every single aspect of our complex, multi-note setups FLAWLESS BY THE SECOND TAKE

This kind of success just does. Not. Happen. And every one on this crew contributed something that made this movie even
better than I had imagined — I hope you each know specifically what that was, and if I haven’t told you, I will soon.

A thousand million thanks. I’ll be telling stories about this weekend for a long time.

Gratefully yours,


Draws. Sweats. Eats too much sugar-free candy.

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