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Albums of 2002 (*Recovered)

Albums of 2002 (*Recovered) published on 8 Comments on Albums of 2002 (*Recovered)
Britney Spears
Having It Both Ways

1. Longer
2. Harder
3. Faster
4. Sticky
5. I Think We Should Wait
6. U R Hard 2 Spell
7. They Are as Real As My Love
8. Token Ballad
9. Looking Into Your Eyes with My Eyes
10. I Believe
11. Inappropriate Metaphor
12. Oops, I Hit Me Again
13. Sticky (Latex Remix)

Out of Ideaz

1. Unh Unh Unh (feat. Lil` Kim)
2. Whut whut (feat. Nelly)
3. Sorry About “In My Lifetime”
4. Not Shot At Too Much
    In My Gated Community (feat. Hot Boyz)
5. Rappin` Real Slow (feat. Big Pun)
6. I Believe (feat. R. Kelly)
7. Roshambo You For It (feat. Timbaland)
8. Doin` It (feat. Mos Def)
9. If I Wear Bulls Gear You Won’t Notice
    I Can’t Play (feat. P. Diddy)
10. Album Filler
11. Album Filler (dance remix)
12. I Haven’t Said Nigga In Almost An Hour
13. Stream of Epithets

Christina Aguilera
Double Sided Tape

1. More Fake Than Real
2. Not Much to Shake, But Shakin` It Anyway
3. Hiding My Talent In
    Ten Pounds of Hair and Makeup
4. This Song Isn’t About Sex
5. La la la (Forgot My Lyrics)
6. I Was 4 When Ghostbusters Came Out
7. Barely Legal, Barely Dressed
8. Fig Newton
9. Sad, Really
10. I Believe
11. My Hair Will Shatter If Touched
12. Adult Contemporary In Five Years, Tops

Baby Smallz
Bitch Better Have My Bottle

1. Bloody Streetz (feat. Redman)
2. Juzt a Playa (feat. Method Man)
3. Need Sum Spel Chek (feat. Mobb Deep)
4. Shoot Em Up (feat. K-Ci)
5. Smallz Interlude
6. My Hot Girlz (feat. Junior M.A.F.I.A.)
7. Mo` Diapers Mo` Problems
    (feat. Funkmaster Foetus)
8. What’s My Name (Baby Smallz)
9. I Believe
10. Too Old Too Fast (feat. Lil` Cease)
11. Die Fighting (feat. G-Dep)
12. Big Ol Bootyz
    (feat. Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott)

Truth Decay
Four Ugly Untalented White Guys
Stuck in Prolonged Adolescence

1. Linkin Park
2. Staind
3. Disturbed
4. Godsmack
5. Saliva
6. Eve 6
7. I Believe
8. Three Doors Down
9. Fuel
10. Nine Days
11. Creed
12. Lifehouse
13. Oleander
14. Our Lady Peace

Carson Daly’s
What You Should Have Been Listening To

1. Islands In the Stream
    (Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton)
2. Kashmir (Led Zeppelin)
3. Big Yellow Taxi (Joni Mitchell)
4. Lady Marmalade (Pattie LaBelle)
5. Edge of Seventeen (Stevie Nicks)
6. Heroes (David Bowie)
7. I Wish (Stevie Wonder)
8. The Joker (Steve Miller)
9. Every Breath You Take (The Police)
10. Smooth Criminal (Michael Jackson)
11. I Can’t Stand the Rain (Ann Peebles)
12. Satisfaction (The Rolling Stones)

Shania Twain
Where Did I Go?

1. Where Did I Go?
2. I Was Here Just a Minute Ago
3. In 2000 I Was All There Was
4. The Crossover Sensation
5. VH-1’s Sole Source of Content
6. Now I`m A “Where Are They Now?”
7. Hoping You`ll Remember My Name
8. When This is Released
9. In the Spring
10. Anyway
11. I Believe
12. I`d Kick that Faith Hill Skank’s Ass
13. If I Saw Her
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