The Hank Effect – The Cast

Barring scheduling conflict, and using photos utterly unreleased by the actors, here is the cast!

Hank Effect Revised Cast

The Hank Effect — The Grocery Store (animatic)

In which Hank hits on The Hottest Woman in the Whole Movie.

Download Grocery Store movie

The Hank Effect — The Coffee Contest (Animatic)

In which Cheryl and Debra make a strange wager, and Floyd persuades Cheryl to ask out Hank.

Download Coffee Contest movie

The Hank Effect — Floyd’s Lecture (Animatic)

An animatic of Floyd’s lecture, in which he enlists our heroes in his quest to free Hank’s right brain.

Download Hank Effect Trailer

The Hank Effect Brochure

Screen-captured for online enjoyment! If you or anyone you know would like a paper copy, please email me at

Brochure Page 1

Brochure Page 2

Brochure Page 3

Brochure Page 4

Brochure Page 5

Brochure Page 6

As always, the script is here: The Hank Effect – The Script

Thank you for reading. NOW LET’S MAKE A MOVIE!

Poster Concept

Here’s Hank hitting on The Hottest Woman In the Whole Film while Floyd and Cheryl look on.

Hank Effect poster concept

The Hank Effect – The Script

The Logo

Nothin’ says science like a tasty bell curve. Here’s the title logo for The Hank Effect.

The Hank Effect title logo

The Hank Effect – The Script

“The Hank Effect” Script

A software developer realizes he attracts women only when he isn’t paying attention. With his horndog friend in hardware and girl-of-his-dreams in statistics, they treat hitting on women like a clinical trial — and get results.

The Hank Effect – The Script

The hope is to produce this film in the spring. Additional information is coming soon, including how you can contribute. If you have comments on the script, you’re curious about the process, or the spirit just moves you to write, please contact me at

Let’s make a movie!