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Testing out a wpSS Spreadsheet

Testing out a wpSS Spreadsheet published on

I’ve had bad luck with WordPress plugins, mostly due to the fact that when it comes to handling other people’s code I am dumb as a bag of hammers and ADD as The Go! Team.

{spreadsheet id=1 display=table}

WordPress spreadsheet plugin courtesy

Mellowing Out

Mellowing Out published on 2 Comments on Mellowing Out

I’ve been feeling a bit. Stressed out.

It would be nice if I could say it hasn’t been self-inflicted. But nobody’s made my multiple competing commitments but me. If it were just classwork (two models, three renderings, two budgets, two presentations, two papers, two final exams, two field trips and portfolio review) and ALDI (only a couple of five-hour shifts a week, and just about my only exercise) I’d be fine.

But being on the search committee for the new film dean (must… talk… in front of grownups…) and also trying to get a movie made… and then taking on some web design jobs to see if I can transition out of ALDI… possibly a bit foolish.

Then my love interest left town for the weekend, and I didn’t realize what a Calgon calming influence he was until I didn’t have him anymore. It’s almost as if you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone. Did I just make that up? Write that down, copyright Me.

So there’s been over the last few days a slight melting down.

But I did something about five minutes ago that changed the course of everything. More mellowing than all the hot baths or cold beers in the world.

I held my soup pot while Jake the Dog licked it clean.

Peering into the eyes of an eating dog is like staring into the heart of tranquility itself. And now I am mellow.

I rule!

Also, I lost my phone. Again. Second time in six weeks. And again due to low-rise pants in a truck stop bathroom. So if y’all could shoot me your phone numbers again, that’s be teh awesome.

Don’t put your phone in your pocket, people, they be slippery.

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