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Giveaway! Name this book, win tasty food

Giveaway! Name this book, win tasty food published on 1 Comment on Giveaway! Name this book, win tasty food

Terrifying Ellis Island teddy via Big Lug Land

The other day I remembered a book from my upbringing, and now not knowing how to find it is making me deranged.

First person to name this book wins their choice of a box of Quest Bars or Pacific Cookie Company cookies, plus my substantial gratitude.


Spotted in Christian middle school library circa 1990. Picture book. 4th-grade reading level? Rich, dark spooky realistic color illustrations (pastel? Oil paint?)

Story is about a room full of toys fighting off an evil toy (jack-in-the-box?) Leader of good toys is teddy bear and probably a Jesus allegory.

Teddy bear gets horribly mutilated by baddie. Stuffing torn out. New stuffing can’t save him. Good toys figure out the only way he can be saved is if each of them gives up a little of their stuffing for him. They save him this way, I think.

So allegory kind of falls apart at the end. But there it is.

Help a nerd out?

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