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The Five Days of Rehash – Personality Quizzes

The Five Days of Rehash – Personality Quizzes published on

I am AFK this week. This hot cocoa isn’t going to drink itself.

In lieu of a new Vocabulary Comic today, please enjoy these classically classic Personality Quizzes.

What’s Your Personality Type?
Who Will You Be in the Zombie Apocalypse?
How Funny Are You?
What Are You Like in a Relationship?
Are You a Good Person?
The Better Job Test
The Better Boyfriend Test
The Better Girlfriend Test
The Better Apartment Test
The Better Family Test

And more.

The personality test identified only 0.4% of its subjects as anarchists. I can’t tell if this is a sign of good social order or if all the anarchists are away from the Internet.

The Better Personality Test is back!

The Better Personality Test is back! published on

Are you Kind of a Big Deal? Mad Genius? Revolutionary? Good news — the Better Personality Test is back to make totally unscientific judgments about your personality type.

May these twenty sets of radio buttons fill your mouse with clicks and your day with amusements.

Apparently I am a Pundit. I am OK with this.

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