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Denver airport horse

Denver Airport Horse

Denver Airport Horse published on 7 Comments on Denver Airport Horse

I have just been notified of a thing.

At the end of August I’m gonna visit Chicago. On the way home I’m stopping in Denver. My brother-in-law, who got me the flight, warned me about the Denver Airport Horse.

What is the Denver Airport Horse? I’m glad you asked.

It is this:

Later that same winter...

There came a killin frost...

And the pony she named Wild-fi-i-i-ire...

In a blizzard, he was lost...

Calling Wi-i-i-i oh Jesus Lord what the crapping crap?!

You have many questions. Let me answer them.

Yes, its eyes light up.

Yes, its bulging veins and ribs are dry-brushed black for maximum impact.

Yes, it has huge veiny horse-junk.

Here is an amusing post on the topick, apparently drawn from a news article:

The mustang rears on splayed hind legs — his nostrils flaring, his eyes glowing red, his taut body a slick, sweaty sheen of blue. Anatomically correct — eye-poppingly so — the 32-foot-tall fiberglass sculpture makes quite a statement at the gateway to Denver International Airport…

But I am just beginning.

Because also apparently there are murals?

Here is one:

Gas mask... check... weeping woman... check...

In this Flickr photoset, bkobash describes it thus:

Some sort of an SS officer demon with a huge sword, killing a dove. And mothers with dead babies forming a gray arc. Exactly what you’d expect to appear next to a TCBY or a Cinnabon.

You better believe my layover is gonna have some serious photo fun time.

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