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Ziva's Conjury Mart

Ziva’s Conjury Mart

Ziva’s Conjury Mart published on

Ziva's Conjury Mart

Twine is a platform for making interactive fiction–stories integrated with choice, picture, and sound. It’s pretty great. I’ll explain more later, but first I made you a present:

PLAY Ziva’s Conjury Mart

(Tested on OSX in Chrome and Safari, and on Windows in Chrome and IE. However audio doesn’t appear to load in iOS. Sorry. Working to resolve.)

Do you make Twine things, too? Would you like some audio macros with volume controls and seamless loops? Have I got the link for you:

sqTwineSound audio macros — source and downloads

Want to know how to use these audio macros? This delicious demo will explain:

sqTwineSound demo

I listened to so much accordion making these. So. Much. Accordion.


Paint Spill Tory Hoke

Paint Spill

Paint Spill published on

Paint Spill Tory Hoke

Sometimes you run into a tiny person made of fire.

This piece and more can be found in my portfolio.

River Baby Tory Hoke

River Baby

River Baby published on

River Baby Tory Hoke

I don’t know why.

This piece and more can be found in my portfolio.

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