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Spring 2015 Cartoon Preview

This article first appeared as a “Chick on the Draw” column in Luna Station Quarterly, March 6, 2015. This year’s animated lineup is out of control. There is no controlling it. Don’t try. You...

SNL Gap Girls

Drawn in Drag: Examining Male Voice Actors Cast in Female Roles

This article first appeared October 3, 2014 in my Chick on the Draw column at Luna Station Quarterly. Sometimes animation is sort of like SNL in the early 90s–it assumes men dressed as women...

American BESM Frozen Tangled

In Defense of Frozen

(You may also enjoy Another Defense of Frozen: The Subversive Appeal of Disney’s New Breed of Fairy Tale.) Disney’s animated feature Frozen, which opens Thanksgiving, has received some attention for 1) its nearly indistinguishable...

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