Rare Words

dragonism 0


n. steady watchfulness Nothing brings out dragonism like a good hoard.

colchicine 0


n. meadow saffron; autumn crocus; extract of this plant used to treat gout I’m glad gout isn’t so much of a thing anymore, but even more glad there exists colchicine.

intemerate 0

Two-Week Hiatus

Vocabulary Comics is on two-week hiatus. I’ll be back Monday, September 15, with more weird words. Until then, please hit the infinity button above for random refresher insanity.

preterite 0


n. grammatical tense of events that took place in the past; adj. bygone, former; also preterit A presidential candidate must often disavow choices of preterite campaigns.

midinette 0


n. seamstress or assistant in Parisian clothing shop In anticipation of the sale, Urban Outfitters deployed a squadron of hip and friendly midinettes.

doramania 0


n. obsession with owning furs What if Cruella de Vil suffered from doramania?

complicant 0


adj. overlapping The trend of complicant layers of super-thin Ts was an excellent way to sell more shirts.

arcuate 0


adj. arched; bow-shaped The softball traced an arcuate sweep just beyond the reach of my glove.

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