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   20 Questions to a Better Sense of Humor

What makes you larf? What do you do to make others larf? Are you likely to do something you think is funny that no one else larfs at? Are you likely to care? These are questions you might need an overly generalized 20-question quiz to answer, and here it is:

Q1) You go to a movie you were excited about seeing. As you watch it, you slowly realize it stinks. What do you do?

Start complaining
Start heckling
Make mental notes for making fun of it later
Nothing. Just... nothing...

Q2) In a long-term relationship, you would break wind in front of your significant other:

When it's unavoidable
When it's funny
At every opportunity

Q3) Can you joke about cancer?

Laughter is the best medicine
That Marinol prescription is chemo-larious!

Q4) How would you describe where you are in your life?

It's where I expected to be, but not what my family wanted for me.
It's where my family expected me to be, but not what I want for myself.
Everybody's happy, everybody's free. We'll keep the big door open, everyone will come around.
Not where I expected to be, but I'll remedy that as soon as this show's over.
In front of some kind of glowing technological device, using this thing they call... "keyboard"...

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