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Reducing Jake’s Fear of Cameras

Reducing Jake’s Fear of Cameras

In fairness, Jake isn’t afraid of cameras. He’s afraid of the flash. So much so he used to leave the room when a cell phone came out, because one time I took a picture...

Jake the Dog

Jake the Dog

I used to be kinda smart. Kinda. Then I got a dog, and whenever I`m around him my brain turns to goo. His name is Jake. I very rarely call him Jake. I call...



My name is Tory. I’m a software developer, writer, and illustrator based in Los Angeles. Welcome to my blog! I’ve been keeping it for over twenty years. There is so much I want to...

Jacob Tiberius Dog Woodward dead at 13

Jacob Tiberius Dog Hoke-Woodward – an Obituary

After a long battle with arthritis and kidney disease, Jacob “Jake” Tiberius Dog Hoke-Woodward passed away peacefully on Saturday, July 16, 2016, in his home in Los Angeles, California. He was 13. Jake was...


Spring 2015 Cartoon Preview

This article first appeared as a “Chick on the Draw” column in Luna Station Quarterly, March 6, 2015. This year’s animated lineup is out of control. There is no controlling it. Don’t try. You...

SNL Gap Girls

Drawn in Drag: Examining Male Voice Actors Cast in Female Roles

This article first appeared October 3, 2014 in my Chick on the Draw column at Luna Station Quarterly. Sometimes animation is sort of like SNL in the early 90s–it assumes men dressed as women...

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v. to spring; to start; to wake (archaic) In the morning, Jake the dog gladly makes it his duty to abraid Gus the cat.

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n. food, vittles Jake the Dog loves the sound of vivers in the bowl.

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