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Michelle Yeoh Michelle Yeoh

Acting Ability: 10/10
Physique: 10/10
General Toughness: 10/10

Once Miss Malaysia, Yeoh is best known stateside Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and her co-starring role in Tomorrow Never Dies. This woman broke her back in an 18-foot fall and came back better than ever. Baffling. I'm sure I could construct some tortured water metaphor about her, but she would probably come over and drop-kick me.

I mean, did you see Crouching Tiger? Seriously, did you? For the love of Pete, what else do you want. She is it! It! Do it!

  1. Wo hu cang long (2000): Yu Shu Lien aka Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) (USA: original subtitled version) aka Gua hu chang long (2000) aka Wo hu cang long (2000) (China: Mandarin title) aka Wo hu chang long (2000)
  2. Moonlight Express (1999): Karbo's friend, former partner
  3. Jackie Chan: My Story (1998) (V): Herself
  4. Secrets of 007: The James Bond Files, The (1997) (TV): Herself
  5. Tomorrow Never Dies (1997): Colonel Wai-Lin
  6. Song jia huang chao (1997): Soong Ai-ling aka Soong Sisters, The (1997)
  7. Ah Kam (1996): Ah Kam aka A Jin de gu shi (1996) aka Stunt Woman, The (1996)
  8. 7 jin gong (1994): Ying aka Wonder Seven (1994)
  9. Xiao lin xiao zi 2: Xin wu long yuan (1994) aka Shaolin Popey 2: Messy Temple (1994)
  10. Yong Chun (1994): Yim Wing Chun aka Wing Chun (1994) (USA)
  11. Chao ji ji hua (1993): Jessica Yang aka Once a Cop (1993) aka Police Story 3 Part 2 (1993) aka Police Story 4: Project S (1993) aka Police Story V (1993) aka Project S (1993) aka Supercop 2 (1993)
  12. Tai ji Zhang San Feng (1993): Siu Lin aka Tai Chi Master, The (1993) aka Tai-Chi (1993) aka Twin Warriors (2000) (USA: DVD title)
  13. Wu xia qi gong zhu (1993): Ching Sze/ To Col Ching aka Holy Weapon (1993) aka Seven Maidens (1993) aka Seven Princesses, The (1993)
  14. Xian dai hao xia zhuan (1993): Ching aka Executioners (1993) aka Heroic Trio 2: Executioners (1993) aka Modern Day Wonder Heroes Legend (1993) (literal English title) aka Yin doi ho hap juen (1993) (China: Cantonese title)
  15. Xin liu xing hu die jian (1993): Sister Ko aka Butterfly Sword (1993) aka Butterfly and Sword (1993) aka Comet, Butterfly and Sword (1993)
  16. Jing cha gu shi III: Chao ji jing cha (1992) (as Michelle Khan) .... Inspector Yang aka Police Story 3 (1992) (UK) aka Police Story III: Supercop (1992) aka Supercop (1996) (USA: US version)
  17. Tong fong sam hop (1992): Ching, Invisible Woman aka Dong fang san xia (1992) (Hong Kong: Mandarin title) aka Eastern Three Heroes (1992) (International: English title: literal title) aka Heroic Trio, The (1992)
  18. Tong tian da dao (1987): Michelle Yeung aka Easy Money (1987)
  19. Zhong hua zhan shi (1987): Fok Ming-Ming aka Magnificent Warriors (1987) aka Yes, Madam III (1987)
  20. Wong ga jin si (1986) (as Michelle Khan) .... Michelle Yip aka Huang jia zhan shi (1986) (China: Mandarin title) aka In the Line of Duty (1986) aka Police Assassins (1986) aka Royal Warriors (1986) (literal English title) aka Ultra Force (1986)
  21. Xia ri fu xing (1985): Judo Instructor aka My Lucky Stars 2: Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Stars (1985) aka Target, The (1985/II)
  22. Huang gu shi jie (1985): Inspector Ng aka In the Line of Duty 2 (1985) (Asia: English title) aka Police Assassins (1985) aka Super Cops (1985) aka Yes, Madam (1985)
  23. Mao tou ying yu xiao fei xiang (1984): Miss Yeung aka Owl and Bumbo, The (1984) aka Owl vs. Bumbo, The (1984) aka Owl vs. Dumbo (1984)

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