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Carrie-Anne Moss Carrie-Anne Moss

Acting Ability: 8/10
Physique: 10/10
General Toughness: 9/10

This woman is already the toughest beauty in sci-fi since Sigourney Weaver. Having already demonstrated in "The Matrix" her ability to keep a straight face while uttering ridiculous lines, Moss is a prime candidate for withstanding Lucas' recent script-writing skills. Moss also obviously eats her Wheaties.

  1. Matrix 3, The (2003): Trinity
  2. Matrix Reloaded, The (2002): Trinity
  3. Chocolat (2000): Caroline Claimont
  4. Red Planet (2000): Commander Kate Bowman
  5. Memento (2000): Natalie
  6. Crew, The (2000): Olivia Neal
  7. New Blood (1999): Leigh
  8. Matrix, The (1999): Trinity
  9. Secret Life of Algernon, The (1997): Madge Clerisy
  10. Lethal Tender (1997): Melissa Wilkins
  11. "F/X: The Series" (1996) TV Series: Lucinda Scott (1996-1997)
  12. Sabotage (1996) (uncredited) .... 'Lou' Castle
  13. Terrified (1995): Tracy aka Evil Never Sleeps (2000) (UK: DVD title) aka Tough Guy (1995) aka Toughguy (1995)
  14. Soft Kill, The (1994): Jane Tanner
  15. "Models Inc." (1994) TV Series: Carrie Spencer
  16. Doorways (1993) (TV)
  17. Flashfire (1993): Meredith Neal aka August Fires (1993) (USA: TV title)
  18. "Matrix" (1993) TV Series: Liz Teel
  19. "Dark Justice" (1991) TV Series: Tara McDonald (1991-1992)

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