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Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez

Acting Ability: 7/10
Physique: 9/10
General Toughness: 8/10

Tragically, J Lo drove down her acting stock with The Cell and The Wedding Planner. And Angel Eyes. When will we get another Out Of Sight? Still, she earns more toughness cred for her adventures in dating, her epic shift in lyrical vernacular, and the growing public conviction that she could splatter me in a street fight. And her experience battling an 80 ft. anaconda might help account for Fett's alleged escape from the Sarlaac pit. Height is not an issue; Lopez acts like she's eight feet tall. When she's not acting like a gangsta. Or mural. Or muppet. Or anything.

  1. Enough (2002): Slim
  2. Angel Eyes (2001): Sharon Pogue
  3. MTV Icon: Janet Jackson (2001) (TV): Herself
  4. Wedding Planner, The (2001): Maria 'Mary' Fiore
  5. MTV Video Music Awards 2000 (2000) (TV): Herself
  6. Cell, The (2000): Catherine Deane
  7. Antz (1998) (voice): Azteca
  8. Out of Sight (1998): Karen Sisco
  9. U Turn (1997): Grace McKenna
  10. Anaconda (1997): Terri Flores
  11. Selena (1997): Selena Quintanilla
  12. Blood and Wine (1997): Gabriella aka Blood & Wine (1997) (video box title)
  13. Janet Jackson: Design of a Decade 1986/1996 (1996) (V): Dancer
  14. Jack (1996): Miss Marquez
  15. Money Train (1995): Grace Santiago
  16. My Family (1995): Maria Sanchez (in the twenties) aka Cafe con leche (1995) aka East L.A. (1995) (UK: video title) aka My Family, Mi Familia (1995)
  17. "Hotel Malibu" (1994) TV Series: Melinda Lopez
  18. "Second Chances" (1993) TV Series: Melinda Lopez
  19. Nurses on the Line: The Crash of Flight 7 (1993) (TV): Rosie
  20. "In Living Color" (1990) TV Series: Fly Girls
  21. My Little Girl (1986): Myra

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