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Sisters of the Force

Star Wars Chicks - Star Wars Search Engine

An ideal source for all Fett questions. This site covers all bases, with plenty of images, message boards and a special emphasis on the comics and books. There are also intelligently and cautiously presented prequel rumors.

A comprehensive, responsive, easy-to-navigate and well-organized site on the second-best thing to a female Boba Fett--the woman bounty hunter seen briefly in The Phantom Menace and a Dark Horse Comics one-shot. A pleasure to visit.

The Boba Fett Internet Archive
An enormous site not to be entered lightly, with emphasis on the Boba Fett character and history.
Includes library, chat and more links.

The Mandalorian Express
The ultimate Boba Fett fan site. Entertaining as well as informative, this site manages to inject its intense study of Fett with a sense of humor. Also includes mention of this site, which is nice.

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