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Lucy Lawless Lucy Lawless

Acting Ability: 8/10
Physique: 8/10
General Toughness: 9/10

Born, raised and currently located in New Zealand, Lucy Lawless is best known for her role as Xena, Warrior Princess, on the syndicated series of the same name. Lawless was crowned Miss New Zealand in 1989. A woman of culture, she studied opera for several years and studied acting at the William Davis Center for Actors in Vancouver, Canada (in 1991). She is the fifth of seven children, and, at 5'10", is an ideal height for the role of Boba Fett. She is also in good position to join Episode 2 filming in Australia.

  1. In Search of the Lonesome Yodel (2000) (TV): Herself
  2. Ginger Snaps (2000) (uncredited) (voice): Announcer on School's PA System
  3. Burt Bacharach: One Amazing Night (1999) (V)
  4. I'll Make You Happy (1999)
  5. Hercules and Xena - The Animated Movie: The Battle for Mount Olympus (1998) (V) (voice): Xena
  6. Peach (1995): Peach
  7. "Xena: Warrior Princess" (1995) TV Series: Xena, Meg, Princess Diana, Melinda Pappas, Priestess Leah
  8. Hercules and the Amazon Women (1994) (TV) .... Lysia
  9. Typhon's People (1993) (TV): Mink Tertius
  10. Rainbow Warrior, The (1992): Jane Redmond
  11. "For the Love of Mike" (1991) TV Series: Helen
  12. End of the Golden Weather, The (1991): Joe's Girl
  13. Bitter Song, A (1990): Nurse 1
  14. Within the Law (1990): Verity
  15. "Funny Business" (1987) TV Series: Various (1989)

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