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Top 10 Reasons Existing Star Wars Heroines Don't Cut It
10) They have to stand on boxes to be in the same shot as real characters.
9) Severe sexual dysfunction: One has the hots for her twin brother,
- the other picks up 11-year-olds.
8) 8 lbs. of hair and gear on their heads at all time.
7) They affect European accents.
6) Their clothes are more interesting than their lines.
5) Nil contribution to important theme of arm/hand amputation.
4) They like Ewoks but not Wookiees.
3) They never get their hands on a lightsaber, if you know what I mean.
2) One is just a measly princess, and the other is a queen of a tiny human population
- that only shows up for parties.
1) They're not Boba Fett.

A complete list of the only funny moments in Episode 1.
1) Qui Gon Jinn's attempt at mind control on Watto.
2) Obi Wan's "intuition" that Qui Gon is leaving the ship on Tatooine to go get Anakin. This might be funny, considering Qui Gon leaves riding one of the camel-creatures and towing another. Then again, we've already seen that a camel-creature can comfortably seat two people. Then again, Qui Gon and Anakin return to the ship on foot.
3) Watching Neeson interact with empty space. Becoming expert at reacting to nothing made Bob Hoskins hallucinate during the making of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Neeson must not have wanted to go that far.


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