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Episode 1 Drinking Game

To increase Episode 1 enjoyment for fans over 21. More than four players can redistribute the rules or play on teams.

Player 1 take a drink whenever
-- Subtitles appear. (One per scene.)
-- Jar Jar hits the ground.
-- Amidala/Padme changes costume.
-- Liam Neeson has to touch or grab something that isn't really there.

Player 2 take a drink whenever
-- Someone speaks English with an accent other than British.
(One per character per scene, Jar Jar not included.)
-- An adult calls Anakin "Annie." (Two drinks if it's Warwick Davis.)
-- Someone says "mitichloreans."
-- R2D2 appears. (One per scene.)

Player 3 take a drink whenever
-- Someone speaks broken English. (One per character per scene.)
-- A puppet or person in a suit appears. (One per scene.)
-- Amidala turns around slowly.
-- Someone does a backflip.

Player 4 take a drink whenever
-- Anakin says "Wizards!"
-- Darth Maul shows his teeth.
-- A black person appears. (Two drinks if it's a woman.)
-- Someone turns on a lightsaber.

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