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Angela Bassett Angela Bassett

Acting Ability: 10/10
Physique: 10/10
General Toughness: 10/10

Bassett is ideal for the role of Boba Fett. Her intelligence is demonstrated by her 7 years of undergraduate and graduate study at Yale, and she has a broad emotional range, visible in How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Waiting to Exhale and What's Love Got To Do With It?, but she is no stranger to pure strong characters, like those of Strange Days, Malcolm X and Panther. Bassett's physique is also ideal, as she is a former professional bodybuilder and has a height appropriate to the part.

Memo to Hollywood: Prostitutes don't look like Angela Bassett. Not even expensive ones. Knock it off.

  1. Ruby's Bucket of Blood (2001) (TV)
  2. Sunshine State (2001)
  3. Score, The (2001): Diane
  4. Boesman and Lena (2000): Lena aka Boesman & Lena (2001) (France)
  5. Whispers: An Elephant's Tale (2000) (voice): Groove
  6. Supernova (2000/I): Kaela Evers
  7. Our Friend, Martin (1999) (V) (voice): Miles' Mom
  8. Wings Against the Wind (1999): Bessie Coleman
  9. Music of the Heart (1999): Janet Williams
  10. "Africans in America: America's Journey Through Slavery" (1998) (mini) TV Series: Narrator
  11. Off the Menu: The Last Days of Chasen's (1998): Herself
  12. How Stella Got Her Groove Back (1998): Stella Payne
  13. Contact (1997): Rachel Constantine
  14. Strange Days (1995): Lornette "Mace" Mason
  15. Panther (1995): Betty Shabazz
  16. Vampire in Brooklyn (1995): Rita
  17. Waiting to Exhale (1995): Bernadine 'Bernie' Harris
  18. "Century of Women, A" (1994) (mini) TV Series (voice)
  19. What's Love Got to Do with It (1993): Tina Turner (A.K.A. Anna Mae 'Little Ann/Ann' Bullock)
  20. Heroes of Desert Storm, The (1992) (TV): Lieutenant Jeter
  21. Innocent Blood (1992): U.S. Attorney Sinclair aka French Vampire in America, A (1992)
  22. Locked Up: A Mother's Rage (1992) (TV): Willie aka Other Side of Love (1992) (TV)
  23. Malcolm X (1992): Betty Shabazz
  24. Jacksons: An American Dream, The (1992) (TV): Katherine Jackson
  25. Passion Fish (1992): Dawn/Rhonda
  26. City of Hope (1991): Reesha
  27. Critters 4 (1991) (V): Fran
  28. One Special Victory (1991) (TV)
  29. Fire! Trapped on the 37th Floor (1991) (TV): Allison
  30. Line of Fire: The Morris Dees Story (1991) (TV): Pat aka Blind Hate (1991) (TV)
  31. Boyz N the Hood (1991): Reva Devereaux aka Boys in the Hood (1991)
  32. Kindergarten Cop (1990): Stewardess
  33. In the Best Interest of the Child (1990) (TV): Lori
  34. Perry Mason: The Case of the Silenced Singer (1990) (TV): Carla Peters
  35. Challenger (1990) (TV): Cheryl McNair
  36. Family of Spies (1990) (TV): Bev Andress
  37. Liberty (1986) (TV): Linda Thornton
  38. F/X (1986): T.V. Reporter aka F/X - Murder by Illusion (1986) aka Murder by Illusion (1986)
  39. Doubletake (1985) (TV): Prostitute at Headquarters

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