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Fett in Carbon-Freezing Chamber  Arguments from Visitors

Thank you all for your feedback! The response to this site has been nothing if not passionate. I welcome all criticism, arguments and rumors.

Newest arguments

Pro: Precedent for Women in Drag
Leia disguises herself--as a bounty hunter!--in order to get into Jabba the Hutt's palace, and she is taken for a man. Her voice is disguised, as a female Fett's would have to be.

Pro: Fett Walks Like a Woman
This idea has some support from even those Star Wars fans who oppose a female Boba Fett. I'm sure Bulloch's intention was to convey a sense of care and caution in Fett's walk, but the interpretation of it as feminine is not unwelcome.

Pro: Precedent for Character Not Defined by Actor
Since Jeremy Bulloch occupies the Fett suit and ostensibly provides Fett's voice for the first trilogy, one might assume that Fett must be male. But James Earl Jones lends only his voice to Darth Vader, just as Peter Mayhew lends only his height to Chewbacca. Fett's identity need not be set by her actor.


Con: Fett Flirts With Women
Clearly, in Star Wars-Return of the Jedi: Special Edition, quoted as being the definitive version of that film, Fett in added scenes is flirting with the female dancers/singers accompanying the band. Now it could easily be explained away as a lesbian thing, but it doesn't go well with Lucas' stance on Family filmmaking. Lucas doesn't want to alienate anyone from seeing his movies, so a controversial subject such as that would be highly improbable. --Steve
I do understand Lucas' family entertainment stance, and I have seen the images you mention. I think they might be explained by a woman, who is obviously trying to pass as a man, trying to keep up appearances. It's also possible Fett feels sorry for their degraded, Jabba-serving state.
Con: Fett wears a codpiece
Would a Female Bounty Hunter really need groin protection? --Jaster
A sharp argument from Texas Fett, who does not necessarily support a female Fett:
The codpiece is not proof that Fett is male. Fett's armor is Mandalorian and most if not all evidence from books and other Star Wars reference materials say that Fett is not Mandalorian. Mandalorian armor is also supposed to be rare (outside of Mandalorian families or rare altogether, I can't remember). Being that rare, Fett probably did not have a choice of the sex of the feared Mandalorian armor. Also, if Mandalor is like America, they do not allow women in combat and therefore not have armor designed for females.
The Evidence
     The evidence
 Con: Fett's face has been seen.
Dengar and Neelah both saw Boba Fett's face in Tales of the Bounty Hunters and The Mandalorian Armor.
They probably didn't even consider finking on Fett. Who would want to get on her bad side?  And aren't they now both dead from that Mandalorian Armor explosion?

Con: Lucas calls Boba Fett a "he."
Lucas even stated that Fett was a 'he' in his interview with MTV last year saying "HE seems like an all-powerful character..." about Boba Fett and his popularity.   --Jaster
Maybe he was just setting the stage for a surprise revelation. You know how he likes to mess with his audience.

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