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Meddling Auntie presents Puberty

Meddling Auntie Comics: New Release Plus Giveaway!

Meddling Auntie Comics are now on Amazon as eBooks! The series includes a brand new, harsh-truth-soothing, squirm-inducing topic: Puberty. The comics will and should always remain free and open. However people have asked for...

getting started with twine 2

Twine in 10 Minutes: Write Interactive Fiction Today

(This article originally appeared as a Luna Station Quarterly’s Chick on the Draw column, February 6, 2015) Think IF might be fun, but don’t know where to start? Here’s how to get hooked in...

Twine icon

A Barbarian at the Gate: Five Ways to Protect Twine’s Village from the Coming Invasion

This article originally appeared at Storycade on October 7, 2014 I’m not the most curious pup in the litter. When Michael Lutz’s “My Father’s Long, Long Legs” hit MetaFilter last November and scorched my...

Goldfish Grimm’s Issue 20 is out! Includes “The Call of Gold Cat”

Goldfish Grimm’s Issue 20 is out! Includes “The Call of Gold Cat”

Issue 20 of Goldfish Grimm’s Spicy Fiction Sushi is out! Includes my weird short story “The Call of Gold Cat”, plus an interview. This short story was heavily workshopped at Scribophile. Thank you to...

Apex Magazine Issue 61 cover Bleef

“Muscle Memory” available at Seizure Online, “Bleef” appears on June cover of Apex

“Muscle Memory” is available to read at Seizure Online. In it, a hard-working man’s body walks out on him, one piece at a time. David Henley provided the illustration, which is most excellent. Working...

John W Campbell

3 Reasons to Nominate Me for the 2014 John W. Campbell Award

If you are a member of Worldcon and all dressed up for the 2014 John W. Campbell Award with no one to nominate, I submit for your consideration… me. Tory Hoke. I got three...

The Body in the Narrows Three-Lobed Burning Eye

“The Body in the Narrows” and “Alpha” accepted

“The Body in the Narrows” has been accepted by Three-lobed Burning Eye. In it, an abused child finds courage when she falls in love with a corpse. Also in the past week, Dragon’s Roost...

American BESM rapunzel anna ilsa

Thanks to Dan Kois at Slate

Slate senior editor Dan Kois was kind enough to give a shout-out to the Defense of Frozen in his review of the film for that magazine. That was thoughtful. Thank you, Dan.

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