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Cast of Friends Trivia

Cast of Friends Trivia

Some completely unnecessary information about the cast of “Friends” In propagating the theory that you can’t be old as long as you’re younger than the cast of “Friends,” I uncovered some bizarre and unsettling...

Wrangler abuses Fortunate Son 0

Wrangler abuses Fortunate Son

Remember–this isn’t John Fogerty’s fault. He lost the rights to his songs so bad he once was successfully sued for plagiarizing himself. Bad Ad Decisions Part 1 Wrangler jeans` new ad campaign features the...

Al Gore`s beard 0

Al Gore`s beard

    Why did nobody tell me about this? Why is this happening?Why does Gore look like Jeff Goldblum as the blue alien from Earth Girls are Easy?WHY? FOR THE LOVE OF PETE WILL SOMEONE...

Jurassic Park ride publicity photo 0

Jurassic Park ride publicity photo

    A word of explanation: This is a pretty normal publicity photo from the opening of Universal Studios` Jurassic Park water ride. You’ve got your Jeff Goldblum, Ariana Richards and Joseph Mazzello at the...

Albums of 2002 (*Recovered) 8

Albums of 2002 (*Recovered)

Britney Spears Having It Both Ways 1. Longer 2. Harder 3. Faster 4. Sticky 5. I Think We Should Wait 6. U R Hard 2 Spell 7. They Are as Real As My Love...

Albums of 2002

Albums of 2002

A fleeting glimpse of the musical probable. COME AGAIN 1. intro part 1 2. look at my booty 3. goodbye ghetto 4. believe 5. mangy ass stank ho 6. Jesus loves me 7. shut...

Things that are good 7

Things that are good

Nothing fancy. Nothing wild. Just a little oasis of earthly delight in a world of unremitting Ru.

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