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Olofunke published on


Abrahamic cycle complete.

They are teal lions with pointed ears because they are SPACE LIONS.

Underdrawing below, cos it was real different, but then there was drybrush, and stuff happened. I hope that is OK.

olofunke sketch

dimah vs goliath


Dimah published on

dimah vs goliath

There’s a lot of Abrahamic narrative getting reimagined up in here.

This goes with Joanna.

Third one lands tomorrow.

tree studies

Tree Studies

Tree Studies published on

You can do a lot of imaginative things with trees. I really did not do any of those things here. But I got a lot of practice with Chris Oatley’s brushes.

tree studies

Palette and general thinking shamelessly ripped from Monkey and Seal’s “Quest for Originality” post, so triple shame points there.

joanna in the belly of the whale


Joanna published on

Sticky and probably smelly.

joanna in the belly of the whale

I don’t know why.

Here’s some process.




joanna process

snowy road thief

Snowy Road

Snowy Road published on

Just a little cold-weather thiefing.

snowy road thief

Don’t worry. Spring is almost here.


Cowslip published on


What is this? I don’t know. Is this even OK? I don’t know.

ghoul with a pearl earring

Ghoul with a Pearl Earring

Ghoul with a Pearl Earring published on

ghoul with a pearl earring

I am mostly sorry about this.

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