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Casting Call – Turpish Phenotype

Casting Call – Turpish Phenotype published on

These are the lost Turpishes–note dimples, clean-lined jaw, and large, clear eyes.
If you see another candidate, please let me know.

Linda Hamilton

Mena Suvari

Rene Russo

Tori Amos

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen with old noses – Turpish potential!

Mary Kate and Ashley with new noses – not so much.

Nicole Kidman — Turpish, Suvari style. Thanks to Dunx for the suggestion.

Casper Van Dien — Turpish style for men. Also thanks to Dunx.

Michael Jackson – a last phase of Turpish before he squandered it all. Thanks to Annika for the suggestion.

Casting Call 1 – Now and Then

Casting Call 1 – Now and Then published on

In case anyone ever needed to make a biopic about any of these people.

Casting Call – Non-Celebrity Edition

Casting Call – Non-Celebrity Edition published on

People have various permutations. F’rinstance:


Sometimes I look like Tilda Swinton…


I get Mariette Hartley sometimes…


I think my friend Sam looks like Will Forte, but nobody believes me.

Another friend Joe has many permutations. There’s the Bruce Campbell:


There’s the Trevor Fehrman (from Clerks 2):


And, when eating hot wings competitively, the Henry Rollins:


Yes? No? Think I’m full of crap? Then take a look at the other celebrity lookalikes and see if I do better.

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