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Casting Call 7 – This Modern Phenotype

Casting Call 7 – This Modern Phenotype published on
Connections both obvious and random. Your mind. Will be blown. Plus a lot of rambling commentary.

I realize I can’t be the first person to notice this.
Two big-eyed British vocal gods running around with
the same teeth and chin? Why has no one written a
musical around them yet?

I was desperately seeking a screencap of Lucy Lawless’
big *glink* smile from the Xena credits, but no luck.
So here’s the one where she catches fish.

Another idea that didn’t come quite to fruition.
These two look most alike in action, when they
make similar raised-eyebrow faces. Dig it.

Can I order this as a sandwich?

How about this one?

Oh, well, when he gets in please tell him to
drink deep the bitter wacky irony!

Casting Call – Muppet Edition

Casting Call – Muppet Edition published on
Muppet Phenotypes

Dying of funny.

Casting Call – Cate vs. Tori

Casting Call – Cate vs. Tori published on

*Clone myself like Cate Blanchett who sings “Betty Davis Eyes”…*
Who is who? I dare you to distinguish.







Casting Call 6

Casting Call 6 published on
Equal time for the less broody OC kids and more.

A study in aging well.

A study in aging poorly.

Casting Call 5 – More Suggestions from Visitors

Casting Call 5 – More Suggestions from Visitors published on
Y’all are a bubbling font of wackiness. Special emphasis here on the British and brattish.

Owowoo I’m dying of pretty.

Casting Call 4 – Suggestions from Visitors

Casting Call 4 – Suggestions from Visitors published on
I was running out of ideas, and you guys came to the rescue.
Thank you for your block-rockin’ pattern-recognition skillz.

Yet nowadays Gabe Kaplan looks like Paul Simon. What’s up with that?

Look out! They’re having a brood-off!

By the way, Rush Price would be a good name for a band.

Diesel Wombat would be an even better name for a band.
Also, please understand that I think Vin Diesel is the hottness.
It’s just, from some angles, he looks like a baby wombat.

Jim in Dublin asks, “Does Grant face a ghastly
future of spending his middle age looking like
John Kerry?” These two look alike from all angles and
expressions, so I say, oh ho yes.

Really, they look nothing alike.
They don’t even part their hair on the same side.

Anything you can brood, I can brood better.

A little pond-hopping.

Lucas’ casting director was pretty genius for
choosing Keira Knightley to play Padme’s decoy double.
Could they be any prettier? They burn my eyes.


Casting Call 3

Casting Call 3 published on
Just when you thought I was done — yet more celebrity lookalikes. Is it obvious that I lost my old quality image editor? MS Paint taunts me always.

Casting Call 2 – Across the Pond Edition

Casting Call 2 – Across the Pond Edition published on
More celebrity lookalikes! I’d rather do this than eat. No one could possibly care as much as I do about who looks like whom.

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