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Now with even fewer members! Can we not keep any friends around?

Currently an indentured servant of UNC's psychology department, he wishes for his keyboard and drums to take him far, far away from the Duran Duran of the ordinary world and to a place where he no longer has 90-minute consortiums, mind- and flesh-numbing project meetings, or forty-five generations of aggression-bred mice.
A launching pad into a larger realm of doughnuts and Natalie Merchant is also an attraction.

Recent escapee from the second of the Dubya-initiated rounds of national layoffs, she wishes she hadn't quit playing guitar for so long that her callouses are gone and now she has the sissified hands of Draco Malfoy. Because what is Draco Malfoy doing, really? Gardening? I have to doubt it.

March 2003 Show

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