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Biscoe began in the fateful fall of 2001, when the world's need for more cowbell was answered by a drum-buying trip to Fayetteville, NC. From there, it was all downhill, with more songs about pastry, numbers, and Gollum than you can shake a stick at. Or your booty. Whatever needs shaking.

The spring and summer of 2002 added Ryan and Andy to the roster, and the lure of the Prairie Home Companion shirt drew at last Crawford into the center circle. Thus has Biscoe moved on from the embryonic band issues of "songs" and "parts of songs" to more advanced concerns like "tempo," "tightness," and "now that we've got everybody in here together, I can't hear the singer." But singers are like trees falling in forests; if no one can hear them, good.

Practice was twice weekly and a recording session went down at the end of September 2002. Biscoe played at NCSU's Take Back the Night, which was terrible, and also at Martin County's Relay for Life, which was better. After that, they broke up.

Then Roger started writing his own songs with CakeWalk on his computer, and Tory couldn't stay away. Now the songs are getting documented.

It's all coming together.

March 2003 Show

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