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You have discovered the Biscoe site! With many exclamation points! Enjoy it all before we convert everything to dance synth pop!

Like these tracks! Then buy the CD, whaddayasay? The first low budget experiment is available at Cafe Press: www.cafeshops.com/biscoe.


Wite Girl Dance Party - altogether ridiculous
All-American - midtempo kinda country song
Alphabet - Second most beautiful and tragic song in the world
Nasty Business - Rockin' out and hatin' Bush
Way Too Much - happy silly fun song
Piece Of Your Time - Sandy Duncan's glass eye gets me down almost as much as how this version sounds like an 80's theme song
Rust - Pop metal with dog barks. What's not to like?
Donuts - "Not all our songs are about doin' it. Some of them are about food."
Canary - #1 most tragic and beautiful song in the world. Proceed with caution.
You Lose - "Friend of the Devil" meets old 10,000 Maniacs meets the theme from Dallas. Everybody takes a drink.
Make Them Love Me - non-Garbage Garbage song Saddle Me Up - Dirty dance kitsch. My parents would be so proud

ROUGH STUFF - live recordings and works in progress

Banjo Song - Tory had a cold recording this -- can you tell?
Good - This song is lies! Lies!
Nick of Time - Roger hates this one. But it's in 6/8! And the vocals are really high in the mix! And it mentions DeGaulle!
Ten Years Ago - Third most tragic and beautiful song in the world, tempo be damned!

March 2003 Show

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