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Draws. Sweats. Eats too much sugar-free candy.

Albums of 2002

Albums of 2002 published on

A fleeting glimpse of the musical probable.

Come Again


1. intro part 1
2. look at my booty
3. goodbye ghetto
4. believe
5. mangy ass stank ho

6. Jesus loves me
7. shut your pie hole
8. better than you
9. rock of my salvation
10. shake it good part II
11. leaning on the everlasting arms

12. outtro parts I.ii through

Witches of Sea Level WITCHES OF SEA LEVEL

1. jesus christ almighty
2. i like sex
3. sequined shoes
4. 22 girls you say

5. qwertyuiop
6. believe
7. little pink box
8. you at arms
9. comrade jingleheimer
10. muddled son

11. senator skin
12. star to star

In it to the hilt IN IT TO THE HILT

1. smacked
2. with a bullet
3. smart like honey
4. i believe

5. uppity girl
6. wichita
7. odds are
8. penny in my soundhole
9. uncooperative sound guy
10. fed back

11. hated you always
12. amazing grace (rathole remix)


1. abort
2. splitting hairs
3. and a light
4. believed

5. gore text
6. incompletely
7. once in a while
8. brilliant
9. without
10. star the US

11. knotty pine
12. dark horse


1. In Paradisum
2. Panis Angelicus
3. Pie Jesu
4. Lascia Ch’io Pianga

5. Bailero
6. If Thou Art Near
7. Il Mio Cuore Va
8. Voi Che Sapete
9. Un Jour Il Viendra
10. Nella Fantasia

11. Tu
12. Lascia Ch`io Pianga
13. I Believe
14. Scene d`Amour
15. Nessun Dorma
16. La Pastorella

Things that are good

Things that are good published on 7 Comments on Things that are good

Look askance; deflect his steely gaze

Nothing fancy. Nothing wild. Just a little oasis of earthly delight in a world of unremitting Ru.

Eliza Dushku

Sifl and Olly

Imogen Heap
Jon Stewart Futurama

Tori Amos

Matt Doherty--sorry, I just frickin` love this picture
Pearl Jam

Remember Wenn
Beyonce Diet Dr Pepper Conan O`Brien

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