“The Body in the Narrows” and “Alpha” accepted

The Body in the Narrows Three-Lobed Burning Eye

“The Body in the Narrows” has been accepted by Three-lobed Burning Eye. In it, an abused child finds courage when she falls in love with a corpse.

Also in the past week, Dragon’s Roost Press Anthology to Benefit Canine Rescue accepted “Alpha”: when aliens invade his neighborhood, a family dog must bridge the communication gap.

Neither of these stories were anywhere near where they needed to be until I workshopped them at Scribophile.

If you ever wanted to write and sell a story, I recommend Scribophile for critiques and Duotrope for finding a market. I’d be lost without them.

You better believe I’m grateful to be here and working with you fine people.

Thank you for stopping by.


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