“Demeter Gyro Disaster” is out in Isotropic Fiction 10

Isotropic Fiction 10 Michael Ellis Tory Hoke

Isotropic Fiction 10 is out, featuring my sci-fi short story “The Demeter Gyro Disaster”:

The gyro caught fire. Not the whole station, strictly speaking, but the compartments with air and climate control and other things Dennis was partial to. At the kitchenette’s canopy window, he watched it burn. Smoke puffed out of the opposite inner rim as if a passing giant had stumbled onto their big spinning wheel and stuck a cosmic cigar butt in it.

Cover art by Michael Ellis of New Mexico’s 7000 BC art collective.

Available for Kindle.

A thousand thanks to Managing Editor Lucas Ahlsen and to Joseph Thompson for inviting me to onto their spinning life raft. It’s a treat to be aboard.


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