Thor 2 Understands Necks

Put your hand on my chest and look over there

Put your hand on my chest and look over there

Yes, Thor 2 subscribes to the same messy, silly, Drew-Struzan-starved poster approach as Iron Man 3. But it wins points for most improved anatomy.

Offensive neck creases lovingly removed

Missing neck creases notwithstanding

Sure, it’s the same poster as Iron Man 3, just blue-ier, but they fixed the Pepper decapitation situation:

More yoga needed

More yoga needed

Take a good look at this poster. Don’t even worry about Pepper’s wonky hand. Note hair is silly and clearly there to cover up the complete inability to make a plausible neck. But the head… oh the head… TRY to get your nose to point over your shoulder. I can’t even get them parallel. Then again, I am old.

Still think this is an OK ‘Shop? Check it out in the thumbnail:



What? No. What? No.

What? No.



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