Introducing Rare Words!

I am doing a new thing!

I wanted to have an ongoing drawing commitment, so I can draw more and get better and not stagnate and maybe even use color someday.

Also I wanted to increase my vocabulary, because I have a terrible habit of blazing past words I don’t understand and using them later as if I do and I DO NOT. Lately I have been reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay (because my reading list is THAT CURRENT), and I keep a smartphone on my chest for looking up the many words I do not know and “vulpine” was one.

I found The Phrontistery which was full of so many wonderful obscure deranged words that it angered me, downright ENRAGED me that I couldn’t pour them directly into my brain and have them forever. I can do that with Diet Dr. Pepper. WHY CAN’T I WITH WORDS?

(I approached the Phrontistery’s curator about doing a cartoon word-a-day under its auspices, but I didn’t hear back. I am still willing if my offer is reconsidered. I WILL DANCE WITH THE ONE THAT BROUGHT ME.)

So I went on and raked up more, including Luciferous Logolepsy which has wonderful Latin phrases, and gobbled up many much moosen of obscure words. I pumped them all into a database (thanks, MongoDB) and created a page to serve up a random five at a time.

Then I added silly examples and tormented certain persons with them via email.

But I was not satisfied. Oh no. Plus I needed even more repetition to learn the words.

So now the words have pictures and are here.

The plan is to update weekdays at least through 2013. I have enough words to do that for seventy-five years, so, you know… open-ended.

I might even use color by then.

In the meantime, enjoy!


Draws. Sweats. Eats too much sugar-free candy.

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