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Black Panther Comforter Set

Black Panther Comforter Set published on 4 Comments on Black Panther Comforter Set

So I was trying to justify a cyan grue to a grue enthusiast, and asserted that it is a BABY grue, and thus turns black when it gets older, like a black panther. (Besides, YOU try to train an adult grue!)

Thus I went a-Googling for “black panther,” and I found this on Ali Baba:

Death Bed: The bed that eats people

In the thumbnail it looked like the whole bed made a single panther face.


Imagine this.

You have offsprings.

You mod their plain sheet set so each pillow looks like an eyeball and the comforter looks like a mouth.

Now their bed looks like a big monster face.

You can make it scary or friendly depending on how much you like your offspring.

You can use it as a defense against closet or under-bed monsters.

It could be a breakthrough in preventing monster attacks.

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