The Tortelli Tort

Oh man. Yesterday I got a flash of memory from a moment from a TV sitcom. I couldn’t remember what show, what actor, nothing — just this: a main character gets verbally abused at by a peripheral character. Enduring the string of abuse, s/he turns toward camera, in a trancelike state. The abusing character eventually gives up, satisfied.

For the life of me I couldn’t remember what this was. I Love Lucy? Roseanne? Gomer Pyle? Perfect Strangers?

What was the point of the scene? Was the abusee a gentle spirit, like Balki? No — s/he was a hothead, proving s/he could keep a temper. Well, then, how did the scene end?

And then I remembered the ending. And then I remembered the show.

Carla’s fiery temper almost costs Sam the bar when she attacks an obnoxious Yankees fan. Diane offers to help by suggesting Carla seek anger management.

God, it’s a good show. The scene I’m talking about is at 4:05.


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