Changing Facebook Privacy Settings

So you or someone you know wants to change their Facebook privacy settings. But how? And even if you know how to do it, how do you explain it to someone else?

For all the friends and parents and parents of friends out there, here’s the quick and dirty version of me changing my Facebook privacy settings right now.

Go to Facebook.

Log in.

This bar appears in the upper right hand of your Facebook page. HOVER OVER (put your mouse on, but don’t click yet) the word “Settings.” You will see this:

Facebook Settings links

Click on Privacy Settings

Facebook Privacy Settings

(You can also “Block People” on this page, if you need to do that.)

First I’ll click on Profile


Choosing "Only Friends"

I’m going to choose “Only Friends” for all of these. This means only people that I have added as “Friends” can see this information.

Click “Save Changes” to save these changes.

Click "Save Changes"

Nice. I feel more private already.


That may be all you really want to do. You might explore the Settings > Privacy Settings section some more to see what else you can do. For instance, if you click on Search, you can change what information people can see about you when you search:


Change "Search Settings"

Here you can control who can search for you, and what information they can see, and whether they can contact you.

For instance, if your name happened to be Michael Bolton, you might get tired of strangers sending you messages asking you the lyrics to “Steel Bars.” So you could choose “Only Friends” to find you by searching Facebook.

That’s not a problem for me, so I’m leaving these settings as they are.

Good luck, and happy Interwebbing!


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