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Notes from The Hank Effect – Day 1

Notes from The Hank Effect – Day 1 published on
  • Somehow seeing the script’s name on the slate is much more impressive than seeing my name on the slate.
  • I’ve totally become what I hate in terms of not notifying makeup and art dept. of last looks. Not to mention in a mere eight hours I committed the two cardinal sins against art department:

    1) “I wanted X. How could you not know I wanted X? Sure, I didn’t articulate it very well, but I totally knew what I wanted — WHY CAN’T YOU READ MY MIND?”

    2) “Did you bring a camel? We need a camel for this scene. I know I didn’t tell you we needed a camel, and it isn’t in the script, but I Facebooked your sister’s boyfriend’s cousin about it ten minutes ago, and if we don’t have a camel the scene doesn’t work.”

  • I understand why directors become megalomaniacs, or megalomaniacs become directors. Today I saw fifteen people bust their asses for eleven hours straight, fighting an array of location concerns, reduced resources, physical injury, personal-life havoc, director “duh, wha?” and simple I’ve-been-doing-this-ten-hours-now fatigue — all with a smile on their faces, no ‘tude, no taking of naps.

    And for no other reason than that I asked them to. No pay, no cush, no smoothie bar, not even a comfy chair to sit in.

    These people must love movies. I hope I love movies as much as they do.

  • Have I mentioned actors? And how I don’t know how they do what they do? And if a talented, reliable actor wants all the green M&Ms picked out of their dressing room candy dish, freakin’ do it? Because I should, I don’t, and you should.

    You might think a lead actor has it easy. Nopes. It just means they have to be around from makeup call to wild lines, and on their feet and active and focused for all eleven hours. No trip to crafty. No flip through a magazine. Just “we need you now, we need you now.”

    Fortunately I have four of the sick-ass-est actors I’ve ever seen on a set. There are no words for how grateful I am for what they’re doing for me. I’m one lucky chica and I’m only starting to understand how.

There is more to say, but I must adjourn. I have to get a glass of water because I didn’t pee once from 6:45 AM to 6:45 PM and that can’t be normal.

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