Quotent Quotables

Film Student:
“Geoffrey Rush is not emo.”

Film Student, regarding traffic lights:
“Yellow means ‘fuck it’.”

Art Department Student, regarding a piece of toast:
“My bread is all steamy like Constantine.”

Art Department Student, sleep-deprived:
“That’s where I come out; that’s where I come in.”

Chef and craftsperson, observing:
“Give me a knife, I’ll make you a sundial.”

Me, regarding food poisoning:
“E. Coli makes you dumb.”

Art Department Student, under the influence”
“I know words.”


Female Film Student: “Man, she is committed. Why is there a desk?”
Female Film Student: “Did they shoot this on film?”
Male Film Student: “Honey, can’t we just enjoy the porn?”


Draws. Sweats. Eats too much sugar-free candy.

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