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Casting Call 7 – This Modern Phenotype

Casting Call 7 – This Modern Phenotype published on
Connections both obvious and random. Your mind. Will be blown. Plus a lot of rambling commentary.

I realize I can’t be the first person to notice this.
Two big-eyed British vocal gods running around with
the same teeth and chin? Why has no one written a
musical around them yet?

I was desperately seeking a screencap of Lucy Lawless’
big *glink* smile from the Xena credits, but no luck.
So here’s the one where she catches fish.

Another idea that didn’t come quite to fruition.
These two look most alike in action, when they
make similar raised-eyebrow faces. Dig it.

Can I order this as a sandwich?

How about this one?

Oh, well, when he gets in please tell him to
drink deep the bitter wacky irony!
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