Casting Call 11 – Eyebrows Edition

After long hiatus, lucky eleven. Hotties, Brits, and peeps from Lost.

Teh sex4y!

They can squint into a wide angle lens and still look good. Rareness.

I warned you.

I rule!

Someone needs to take charge of getting better pictures of Iben Hjejle up so I can steal them.

Quick story: some film student told a story about physically bumping into Ron Perlman at some get-together, and Ron Perlman was
unhappy about it and made a frowny face at him or something. So this film student was like, “Yeah, that Ron Perlman, he’s a jerk.”

But check it — when you’re the biggest dude in the room, every drunk jerk wants to pick a fight with you. Multiply that by
famous. Then multiply that by famous-for-playing-tough-guys, and you’ve got someone who can *never* go drinkin’. So when somebody
bumps into you at a party (and you’re Ron Perlman, so it’s not like they didn’t see you standing there), then you’re probably going
to be unhappy with them as a pre-emptive strike at least.

So that’s what I think.

Addendum, 2005/18/08: *Don’t Multiply it by the fact that Mr. Perleman’s visage is a heavy-browed one and that he frequently looks like is he is growly or frowning, even when he isn’t! A botox candidate if I ever saw one. – Aunti

Maybe they are the sa-a-a-ame. I couldn’t really find pictures to show the likeness, but it’s there. Oh yes. It’s there.

Okay. This one is much better. I am pwned.


Draws. Sweats. Eats too much sugar-free candy.

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