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The Guild – Do You Wanna Date My Avatar

The Guild – Do You Wanna Date My Avatar published on 1 Comment on The Guild – Do You Wanna Date My Avatar

New season of “The Guild” starts August 25.


Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake on the Mickey Mouse Club

Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake on the Mickey Mouse Club published on 4 Comments on Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake on the Mickey Mouse Club

By way of Jezebel, a most tear-springingly delightful video:

More awesomeness at Jezebel: This is Your Life RomCom Style

Hillbilly Catfishing

Hillbilly Catfishing published on 2 Comments on Hillbilly Catfishing

I… I…

According to random_tangent the deal is the fishermen put their hand down a catfish hole. Then, when the catfish swim out, they loop that hand into the fish’s mouth and out its gill.

I… I…

I am equal parts impressed and vommified.

Okay, no, mostly impressed.

Also, these dudes are large. This may be a requirement for the gig.

‘The Hank Effect’ — Full Video on IMDb

‘The Hank Effect’ — Full Video on IMDb published on 1 Comment on ‘The Hank Effect’ — Full Video on IMDb

Who wants to watch ‘The Hank Effect’ on IMDb?

You want to watch The Hank Effect on IMDb.

Do it do it do it.

Trade fifteen minutes of watching for a hug for your brain.

In Which I Tried to Buy the New DMB Track

In Which I Tried to Buy the New DMB Track published on 1 Comment on In Which I Tried to Buy the New DMB Track


Mmmmm memory error. I could notify their tech support, but probably I’ll just go limp, checking back periodically to see if they fixed it on their own, until I get *really* want some new music, in which case I will be annoyed if the problem isn’t fixed right away.

How can I complain about user behavior when I HAVE EET?

Chicago Rottie Pup Needs Home

Chicago Rottie Pup Needs Home published on 3 Comments on Chicago Rottie Pup Needs Home


(Any leads for a home contact me — I’ll give you Julie’s info.)
Nevermind! My sister is investigating adopting this fine pup. It is scientifically amazing that all you have to do is WANT a pup, and one shows up.

That reminds me — universe, I want a DDP.

OMG I have a DDP!

Hello Friends, Happy Easter!

In my travels yesterday I came across a Rottweiler puppy running around the street on the NW Side of Chicago on my way to hanging with the family .. of course I had to stop ….. a super sweetie …. I got him to trust me and here is the story …..

Took him to 16th district police station thinking they would take him to animal control and he’d be transfered to a shelter or rescue. Animal control will come, get him, scan for a chip. If he has no chip they hold him for at least 5 days then up to 2 weeks and then put him down due to overcrowding. Being the animal lover I am I thought I would call Anti Cruelty, Paws or a Rescue shelter and take him myself.

All said the same thing, that he goes to animal control for 5 days and it’s not likely he will make it out due to overcrowding etc. I called 16th district and no one called for him and I left my contact information. I went back to the area I found him and no signs were hung looking for a lost dog. In addition I hung signs. Clearly the owner doesn’t care much.

So, here we are .. he’s adorable and in my care. He’s about 9 mos – 1 yr, seems to be a purebred, shiny coat, clean ears – pink, in great physical shape, super skinny, well groomed but not yet neutered. No tags, no microchip, and very hungry .. very sweet (peanut butter out of my hand) and he plays plays plays with Lola. (see attached photo) No issues except when they have to share the one bone in the house!! Oh, and very protective of me already .. so I am sure he would make a great companion and guard dog. Licks my face and very loving. I am positive he didn’t get much TLC where he was at and is now very grateful.

I’m looking for someone to give him a good home so if you wouldn’t mind forwarding this to your animal lover friends as you never know and ask them to forward .. I’d very much appreciate it … hell it’s good karma if nothing else!!

Thanks much!!


Ba-a-a-ack in the U-S-A

Ba-a-a-ack in the U-S-A published on

OMG I am home.

It is true that in Europe I… had… the time of my li-i-ife… At the same time I have a profound and renewed appreciation for the things I left behind:

  • American bathrooms
  • frozen yogurt
  • constant ready Internet access
  • my cell phone
  • American airports
  • Diet Dr Pepper
  • tweezers
  • speaking the language
  • dietary fiber
  • water fountains
  • comic book stores where they keep Les Schtroumpfs separate from Les Pr0n
  • dogs higher than my shin

Also I missed my job, ‘cos I like my job. Shut up.

And of course, my friends, who picked me up at LAX and took me to Famima!! and “Dollhouse” like it was a medical emergency.

Pictures to come…

Bad ThinkGeek!

Bad ThinkGeek! published on

I spend a lot of my monies at ThinkGeek, so I was a bit chagrined at this on the splash page:


OK, they have an “I <3 My Geek" for men, too. WHEW. Can go back to dropping monies on marshmallow shooters.

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