Dog Age Calculator

Edward Tufte would approve (except maybe for the green border all the way around)

Graphic from Dog User’s Manual — via, Dog Milk, via Random_Tangent.

Jake is but a spry fifty! Explains his distinguished silver leeps.

Deal with the Devil

Though it is true Jake is going to live forever. Portrait of Dorian Jake.

Jake vs. Mabari Hound

Jake can watch TV.

Jake recognizes animals on TV, especially dogs.

Jake has barked at Sprocket on “Fraggle Rock” and at the Storyteller’s Dog on “Jim Henson’s The Storyteller.”

Here he barks at Dragon Age.

Gus the Cat


I’m adopting a cat.

It is happening.

His name is Gus.

He doesn’t know that yet.

I pick him up on Saturday.

I am pee-pee jazzed.

I can’t wait to have cat AND dog parade.
Awwwww. Aw aw! Awwwww.

He even loafs like Jake!

Dog Costumes

Now I would ne-e-e-ever get a Halloween costume for Jake. Oh no. I don’t find that hilarious at all.


I was looking.

And I found you a present:
I left a Rebel Base in the hall closet.

You’re welcome.


Do you remember this peetiful pup?

Well, Mel adopted her, and now she is now this dog:


TOKYOMANGO: Bowlingual Voice, a digital gadget that lets dogs communicate with owners


TOKYOMANGO: Bowlingual Voice, a digital gadget that lets dogs communicate with owners.

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. But I’m not sure I want to know what Jake is really saying when he barks or whines. I would much rather put words in his mouth and feed him string cheese. WOULDN’T WE ALL?

Pet Airways


Thank God Pet Airways exists (or will starting in July). I don’t know if I’ll ever use it, but it’s hella nice to have the option, ’cause right now the only way I could ever take 45-lb Jake with me to North Carolina is to drive (not gonna happen) or put him in the cargo hold of a plane for 7-12 hours (also not gonna happen).

But dropping him off for his LA doggie plane and picking him up in D.C.? I know people in D.C.

I also know it would be COMEDY GOLD.